Be Safe!

With the world being rapidly changed by technology, it’s only logical that some part of our sex lives would soon become electronic as well. Sexting has become wildly popular, especially with young adults. Here are some “rules” to follow if you are considering engaging in cybersex:

Know that there is likelihood that your photo will be shared without your consent. In fact, there are entire websites dedicated for angry exes to share your personal photos. If you’re willing to take this risk, be sure to follow these guidelines:
    • Do not include your face in the photo.
    • Do not include anything that could identify you, such as a signature necklace or a tattoo.
    • Similarly, if having cybersex on Skype, do not have any identifiers in the frame; be aware that people can record what is on their screen without you knowing.
    • If you are sent a sexual picture/video/text from somebody under the age of 18, delete it immediately. Tell them not to send things of that nature; even if the age of consent is 16 in Georgia, it is still considered child pornography until the subjects of the photo are 18.
    • Similarly, do not send any sexual communications online if you are under 18. Teens under 18 can be tried for creating and distributing child pornography for simply sending a photo even if it is consensual or to another minor.
    • Ask permission before sending anything sexual. Even words are disrespectful if you don’t be sure it’s okay first.
    • You are not obligated to send a photo if somebody else sends one first. 
    • If you send it first, they aren’t obligated to send one back.
    • Just because it was okay once, doesn’t mean it’s okay to keep sending them. Relationships and situations change—respect people’s changing feelings and desires!


We all have a purpose. I think we get caught up in our emotions and lose faith in the master plan that was made for us. With all the social media sites we are comparing a whole lot more than we should. There are three important things to remember about social media sites:

1. People will only show you what they want you to see. There are some people who are so caught up in the way people perceive them, that they make sure everything looks perfect from the outside looking in. Remember, NOTHING is perfect!

  • 2. The more time you spend on social media sites, the more time you are taking away from doing something more productive. We all need some time to relax but try to limit your time on social media. There are PLENTY of other ways to relax!

  • 3. How can social media help you achieve your goals? If you're going to be on the sites for a substantial amount of time promote your business or ideas. It's easy to display a talent, sell items and gain support!

Staying focused is key to staying happy. Comparing your life to other people's leaves you feeling negative feelings: empty, unsatisfied, frustrated, jealous, envious and etc. You also lose focus on what you are supposed to be doing because you start to want what others have. You start to equate what they have with what they do, so in an attempt to obtain what they have you follow in their foot steps. Soon after you begin to wonder why it isn't working for you. It's not working because it wasn't meant for you!

Be the best you, we all have a purpose. What's yours?

Should You Have Sex?

I know that at some point everyone gets curious, but there are a lot of things that should be considered before making the decision to have sex....
How will I protect myself from STIs (sexually transmitted infections)?
When can we go get tested together?
How will I protect myself from pregnancy?
Do I understand the value of my virginity?
Am I the appropriate age for legal consent? Is my partner?
How comfortable am I with my body and my feelings?
If he never talked to me again after we had sex, would I regret it?
Am I ready for the emotional aftermath?
Will I be ashamed if everyone finds out?
Does this conflict with my religion or spirituality?
Am I ready to deal with any consequences that may arise?
Is there anyone I trust enough to talk to BEFORE I decide to have sex?

These are just a few things to consider before making a decision. Please remember it is okay to say No. Everybody is NOT doing it. 
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