There Is No Mr. Fix-It

As women we deal with a lot on a day to day basis. Add being a single parent, sister, daughter, employee, and good friend. We carry the world. It would be nice for someone to give us a break sometimes.........but the reality is: There is no Mr. Fix-It. The is only Ms. DIY (do it yourself). There is no one that can help you like you can. It is important to manage your time and your stress levels so that you don't get to a breaking point. It sucks that there is no one to help lighten the load at the moment, but remember that if you stop looking for Mr. Fix-It, Mr. Right will come along.

Step 1: Triage
-Make a list of all the things that you need to do and then prioritize them. When you prioritize, do it as if you took the Superwoman cape off, which means that it all doesn't have to be done today. Set a realistic timeframe and be okay with it.

Step 2: Fill up
-I'm sure you didn't put your personal needs at the top of the list, so right up under # 2 add you! Taking at least an hour to do something you enjoy doing. If you don't pour into yourself then you may not fill back up. In order to continue pouring in the lives of your children, friends, and family you cant be on E!

Step 3: Make it a habit
-As much as we give ourselves to others, it is important to remember that we are important too. You should be a priority to you!


The Best Bath I Ever Had

I walked in the bathroom and right away I could tell that someone loved me. Candles were lit and my favorite Pandora station was playing. I'm not sure why but I had butterflies. The bathroom smelt like warm coconut. Bubbles were piled high and the water felt like hot silk.

The sweet sounds of Floetry made my lips mouth the words. As I sat in the tub I relaxed! For those of you who don't know what this means: I didn't think about the things I needed to do when I got out of the tub, I didn't think about the things I had to do tomorrow, I didn't worry about my problems or other peoples' and I neglected my phone. The water was soothing, it slowed my breathing and allowed me to pay attention to myself.

Yep, this was the best bath. I ran this bath for myself.

More often then not, we should take the time to care for ourselves. There is nothing more rewarding than rewarding yourself. Make time for the things you enjoy, you deserve it!

Saving The Lifeguard

It's hard to save someone who isn't sure they want to be saved, or don't think they need to be saved. We have all tried to help someone who was in a difficult situation or about to get into one. Despite our efforts, they assured us that they knew exactly what they were doing and they would be fine. They are just like the lifeguard who thinks they know best. 

We all take the role of the lifeguard sometimes but we have to remember: The view of the water from land is different from the view inside the water. 

Sometimes you have to let people learn on their own. The hope is that they will save themselves before it's too late. There is nothing you can do but hope for the best. 


This Valentines Day be sure to treat yourself and your children! Great examples of love start at home.

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