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-Frank Kingdon
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee to participate?
Depending on the event, whether it is social or fundraising related, there may be a fee associated. However, MS2K tries to keep cost, if any at all, as low as possible.

Does My Soul 2 Keep provide childcare?
MS2K only provides a level of childcare at certain functions. In addition, some of the events are child-friendly. Any event that is not open to all will be advertised well in advance.

Can I get living assistance through this organization?
MS2K is not an organization that provides direct assistance, however we can direct you to resources to better serve you. Our focus is to get employment, for those who are not, that you may be able to generate your own flow on income.

How can I get involved with this organization?
We are always looking for volunteers to aide us in our efforts. The first step is to inform us of your intent to volunteer and someone from our office will contact you.

Are we allowed to bring guest or friends to My Soul 2 Keep functions?
Since MS2K offers a wide variety of functions, guest may be allowed. However, we ask that you adhere to the gender specifications if it’s for example: Ladies Only, or if it is for everyone.

Is there a membership fee?
No, there is no fee.

How often does My Soul 2 meet?
We schedule events monthly.

Is there a certain age to participate?
MS2K has functions and groups by age and classifications. Depending on where you fall can determine where you go and what group you are participating with.